Quality Instruction and Coaching

We strive to teach sound skills in a safe gymnastic setting using our professional and preschool sized equipment. We believe that encouragement and positive motivation are the keys to gymnastic achievement and self-confidence.

Flexible admission & sibling discounts

Shen’s recreational gymnastics program runs offers a flexible rolling admission. Our programs run in 12-week sessions. In the summer we run an 8 week session. Miss the start of the session? No problem, you can join anytime and your tuition will be prorated for you. We also offer 10% sibling discounts! (15% for your third child, and 20% for the 4th sibling)

Class Descriptions:

Mommy and Me

This class is for our youngest age group: toddlers aged 18 mos – 3 years. This 45-minute class brings the parents onto the floor amidst the excitement. We have small preschool-sized equipment for children this age including: rings, bars, ladders and slide. Kids also love using our balance beam, trampoline, and sometimes the zip line. The instructor will set up circuits each week specifically designed to help with locomotion skills, flexibility, balancing, and hand-eye coordination. Kids will get a dose of socialization and fitness in this fun toddler gym class.


A 60-minute gymnastics class for children aged 3-5 years. Kids participate while parents watch from our parent viewing area. As this may be your child’s first independent class, we teach skills with more structure as well as introduce the aspect of following directions and taking turns without a parent reminder. The students get lots of personal attention and lots of turns on the apparatus such as trampoline, balance beam, rings, vault, bars, and tumble track. Students will also improve their locomotion skills, hand-eye coordination, social skills, and listening skills, all while they are having fun, getting exercise, and learning gymnastics!

Novice Girls

Our 60-minute novice gymnastics class is designed for girls ages six and up. Children will learn basics gymnastics events: floor, vault, bars and the balance beam. Students will learn and grow as a gymnast, working on strength flexibility and balance. Classes follow the USA Gymnastics levels to ensure continued progression for each student.

Novice Boys

Children ages 6 and up will gain flexibility, strength and coordination as they learn the fundamentals of men’s gymnastics in this 60 minute class. Boys will have a chance to learn and work on many of the men’s gymnastics events including: floor, vault, rings, parallel bars, high bar, and pommel horse. Skills taught are based on the Junior Olympic Level 4 skills.

Intermediate Girls and Recreational Team Program

Intermediate girls class is a 90-minute class that expands on the fundamentals from the Novice class and teaches more difficult skills on each apparatus. The skills taught in this class line up with USAG Junior Olympic Levels 2 and 3.
You may register for one or two days per week, which is our intermediate level rec team. We recommend taking this class two times per week for best results — more time to work on strength and flexibility, which helps to achieve more challenging gymnastics skills. Your second class will be half-price. When registering for two days, please register for both days that you can attend.

Advanced Girls and Recreational Team Program

Advanced Girls class is a 1 hour 45-minute class. You may register for this class once per week after you complete intermediate class, or if you are recommended for this level. Our twice-per week format is for those students interested in our recreational team program. No competition at this level, but with practice twice per week, students will gain more strength and flexibility and can learn new skills more quickly. This class teaches a more challenging set of skills on the Olympic apparatus: floor, vault, uneven bars, and balance beam. Girls must be recommended or evaluated to enroll in this class. Skills taught are based on the Junior Olympic Level 3 and 4 skills.

Intermediate / Advanced Boys

Intermediate/Advanced Boys class focuses on more in-depth skills on each apparatus: floor, vault, rings, parallel bars, high bar, and pommel horse. Classes at this level run for 2 hours and are available once or twice per week. Intermediate-level students may register for this class one day per week. The skills taught in this class line up with USAG Junior Olympic Level 4.

Junior Boys Gymnastics

Our Junior Boys Gymnastics class is designed for older students, aged 12 – 18. This class will teach the basics of all the men’s gymnastics events: floor, vault, rings, parallel bars, high bar, and pommel horse. The class is 90 minutes long and will include time for conditioning exercises in each class. *Note please email the office about this class.

Tumbling / Back Handspring

This 60-minute class focuses on tumbling skills, specifically skills to learn the back-handspring. This class is for ages 8 and up. We will cover round-off, handstand snap-down, front and back walkover, back handspring drills, and techniques of the back handspring. The class will be able to accommodate those students working on more advanced tumbling skills such as back tuck and layouts.

American Ninja Warrior

Made popular by the TV series, our Ninja class is the ultimate obstacle course. Kids will gain agility, balance, coordination and strength as they tumble and maneuver through the courses. This one-hour class is perfect for highly active boys and girls who are looking for a fun recreational activity where they can learn true Ninja-style movements and techniques in a safe environment.

Adult Gymnastics

Shen’s Gymnastics offers a class for adults one evening per week and a 90-minute class on Saturdays. This class is highly customized to the students – we have both women and men attend the class, both experienced gymnasts and people wanting to learn something new and stay in shape. It is a lot of fun and a great workout. You may register for this class online, or just drop by and fill out a paper registration when you arrive.