Jan 7, 2021
We have been open and safely practicing in our gym since June 15th, 2020. Due to the Omicron exceptionally contagious variant, we will be following the following safety precautions

1. CHECK IN: Upon entering the building everyone will sanitize their hands, and students will sanitize hands and feet before entering the gym. There will be antibacterial spray when you walk into the office.

2. FACE COVERING – Everyone will be required to wear masks in the gym. We have had this requirement since early August 2021. Coaches, students, parents, office staff are all required to wear masks.

3. SOCIAL DISTANCING – Students will be asked to keep a 6’ distance between the other students during class. Parents in the waiting area will keep a 6′ distance from others.

4. SANITATION – The gym, equipment, and all surfaces will be cleaned each night. Coaches will be sanitizing the gymnastics equipment throughout the day.

5. CLOSED AREAS — The following items will be closed:

  • NO WATER FOUNTAIN, please bring your own water

6. PARENT AREA — We would like to have as few parents as possible in the viewing room. If possible, please drop your child off, or if you are not comfortable doing that, then have only one parent in the viewing area.

We ask that you be responsible and keep your children home if they are feeling sick or show signs of any airborne illness. Those customers possibly exposed or showing any signs of COVID-19 will not not be permitted in the facility. TOGETHER WE CAN KEEP EVERYONE HEALTHY!