We are following the Massachusetts safety guildelines to address Covid19. Gymnastics is listed as a “lower-risk sport” in the Massachusetts Safety Standards document.

We have been open and safely practicing in our gym since June 15th with the following precautions in place:

  • Gymnasts will complete our health screening document signed by a parent. This is a 12-question form that screens for COVID symptoms. Gymnasts will bring this document to EVERY class. View and print out our health screening document to bring with you to Shens.
    • Upon entering the building, your temperature will be taken by an infrared thermometer.
    • Your health screening document will be collected at the door.
    • A staff member will sanitize each student’s hands and feet before entering the gym. 
  • A mask must be worn by everyone in the building.  Beginning October 5th, we will be recommending that all students to wear a mask during their gymnastics class with some exceptions:
    • For our younger gymnasts aged 5 and under, they will have the option to take off their mask during class for periods of time.
    • The older athletes will be in their mask unless it is their turn;     masks may be removed during class if the student is doing a difficult gymnastic skill. It is safer for the student to remove their mask rather risking injury. If the student is running or doing other cardio activity and feels breathing is difficult with the mask, it may be temporarily removed, and replaced as soon as that activity is over.
  • To limit the number of people in the gym, we ask that only one parent stay in the gym to view their child. If you can drop off, that would be preferred, however we realize parents in our preschool classes and parents of new students would like to watch. Please sit 6′ apart and wear masks at all times.
  • Students will be asked to keep a 6’ distance between the other students during class.
  • Coaches will be wearing masks and gloves during class, but will not be spotting or touching students in any way.
  • Coaches will be sanitizing the gymnastics equipment.
  • The following items will be closed:
    • NO WATER FOUNTAIN, please bring your own water
    • NO CHALK – Our chalk bucket will be removed from the gym to prevent many hands from touching.  Please bring your own chalk.
    • NO FOAM PIT – too difficult for us to sanitize each foam block in between use.
    • Students will be leaving the gym from the back of the building.  Please pick up your child at our back entrance.

We ask that you be responsible and keep your children home if they are felling sick or show signs of any airborne illness. Those customers possibly exposed or showing any signs of COVID-19 will not not be permitted in the facility. TOGETHER WE CAN KEEP EVERYONE HEALTHY!